I am going to miss Senator Mikulski though I suspect she won’t retire from public life, just the battles in the senate. I’ve met her a few times and while I’ve found her friendly, she isn’t someone I’d want to quarrel with or debate. Pugnacious, passionate and fiery fit her. She takes no prisoners. She earned her stripes by fighting city hall over plans to run a highway through Fells Points. Thankfully she won.

I took this photo of her at the Greater Baltimore Committee’s annual meeting where she received the GBC’s Howard “Pete” Rawlings Courage in Public Service Award. GBC President and CEO Don Fry got it right with his presentation saying, “small in stature but larger than life” to describe Senator Mikulski. He added, “She is unapologetically who she is – plain spoken, fierce in her convictions, and devoted to each and every citizen of Maryland.”

She was the first Democratic woman elected to the U.S. Senate and welcomed the women who followed her.

As an event photographer it was a treat to take her pic at the GBC event. She is fun to photograph because she is never emotionally bland.