On Sunday mornings, Reverend Calvin stands outside the Nazarene Church on Harford Road in northeast Baltimore to greet his congregation. During the summer, I’ve spotted the Reverend many times on my way to the farmer’s market.

You can’t miss seeing him.

He is always decked out in sartorial splendor. He wears bright suits that are typically pastels. I’ve admired his yellow, blue, and rose-colored ones.

One morning, I decided to stop and introduce myself. I struck up a conversation letting the Reverend that I’ve admired seeing his suits and taste in fashion on my way to the market. The Reverend agreed to be photographed and the morning light was still soft. It’s worth noting that as I was taking the photo a local resident passed by and said good morning to the Reverend. He told me that the Reverend contributes more to the community than his Sunday sermons. “He does lots of good things for us. And he is always dressed nice,” he noted.”

He barely got a smile out of the Reverend and I barely got one out of him too. I showed him the shots and he seemed to approve.

I processed the image in Lightroom and to bring out more detail I used a program called Intensity Pro (top photo). It’s a useful tool for in addition to enabling you to add detail it allows you to do many of the things photographers rely on Photoshop for. The bottom photo uses Lightroom only.