Geary Family in Towson Home

Photographs preserve family memories. When the Geary’s moved from their home in Towson they wanted to preserve their memories of it with photographs. The pictures in their new home would provide a visible link to the home they had left behind.

Moving from your home can be challenging. Sure, there are the practical packing logistics. You can box up books and put clothes into luggage. But, packing up memories isn’t as easy. Memories aren’t crate-able.

A home is more than four walls.

It’s more than its rooms and its amenities. The moments that occur in a home make memories. You see it in pencil marks etched on a wall measuring a child’s growth. Glitter and neon stars on a ceiling suggest that may have once been a part of a child’s dreams and bedtime stories. Sunlight streams through a window early in the morning are moments that spark memories.

Documenting memories with photographs

How do you move to a new home and take those memories with you? Photographs document a family’s history and the ones they made in their home.

A Moving Plan

This is what Hazel Geary had in mind when she asked if I would take photographs of her family in front of their Towson home. They were moving to a new home that would be in a new state and she wanted to preserve the memories they had made in their Maryland one. She wanted a family photo suitable for framing to hang in their new home.

The original plan for a group family photo in front of her home evolved into a series of individual portraits. Her children on their swing, a group photo of the kids, a picture of her and her husband Jared on the front lawn. And, of course, photos with the family dog.

Each photo freezes the children as well as her and her husband to become a fixed memory. Five years from now, 10 years later those photos will serve as family artifacts.