Photography During Covid-19

Commercial window fronts in Baltimore have been boarded up and decorated with purple hearts during Covid-19

As Maryland has moved into Phase II of pandemic guidelines, I am following the guidelines for professional photography outlined by the CDC and Professional Photographers of America guidelines during Covid-19.

Protective clothing: I will wear a mask and will use gloves while I am photographing an event. I will also do this for a portrait session.

Hygiene: I will wash my hands or use hand sanitizer after each session and clean my equipment with a disinfectant.

Scheduling: As an event and portrait photographer I have always worked by appointment and this will continue to be the case.

Safety: Professional photography during Covid-19 demands that you and I respect each other’s need for safety.
I will not work if I am sick, I ask that you cancel a session if you are sick, or if you have been in contact with someone in the past 14 days who was ill with Covid-19.

Social distancing: I will maintain social distancing and not come closer than six feet to you. As a professional photographer, I possess an assortment of lenses and this means I can easily photograph from distances further than six feet.

Events: I will photograph an event that adheres to current local guidelines for groups. This means I will not photograph an event which has 10 or more individuals.

Thank you for your attention and adherence to this message.