My Moments with Moo — Pet Photography

Moo leads a dog’s life, a good thing since he is a dog. As a photographer’s pet, he lives with my additional demands of him that go beyond fetch and roll over. Therefore, he serves as my model for pet portraits. He also helps me documents our walks, hikes, and adventures. In fact, my go to hashtag for pics of him on Instagram is #adventureswithMoo.

Fortunately, Moo is a good sport. If you are a dog lover, you know a dog possesses his or her own personality. Some dogs are attracted more to people than to other dogs and this is true of Moo.

Moo prefers people
On a walk if we encounter another dog, he will go to the owner. Then, he will sit attentively, look up and wait to receive pets on the head. Usually, he ignores the other dog.

Every dog has his day, Moo has his morning.
As Pavlov proved, dog’s are creatures of habit and Moo is no exception. Unfortunately, his circadian rhythm sometimes gets us up before sunrise. First stop is our backyard where he helps fertilize it. Then he chows down to a breakfast blend of dog food topped with pumpkin puree and frozen spring beans. That’s followed by dessert, a Trader Joe’s rawhide chicken breast wrap. Then he goes back to sleep.

I disrupt his morning reverie to take him out for his morning walk. Depending on the day and season, our route may cover our neighborhood or a hike at Cromwell Valley Park, Gunpowder State Park or other woods with trails. He prefers parks to walks around the neighborhood.

A walk in the park

Park are filled with all kinds of smells – deer, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits and vermin. Moo, an American Bulldog mix, comes by his desire to find, herd, or capture these creatures instinctively. American Bulldogs descend from English Bulldogs that farmers trained to be working dogs. Their job was to catch vermin and help herd sheep and cows.

American Bulldogs
American Bulldogs are friendly family dogs. Moo loves to cuddle and doesn’t understand why his 56-pound frame doesn’t make him a suitable lap dog. However, I satisfy his desire to cuddle by giving him tummy rubs.

Every dog needs a job to do. Moo does his as my model. My goal when doing pet photography is capturing the personality of the dog or cat.  Moo provides sufficient practice.