Meet(left to right) Margaret, Roy and Rose, part of the crew you often see in Hampden. They were bumming for spare change, booze and/or cigarettes. Margaret I see often, typically she isn’t coherent and is high on something. Roy, a new addition to the group, I met the other day. He seems like a nice, soft spoken guy.

Rose I met for the first time today and she immediately asked for change.

She didn’t tell me much about herself but instead spoke about people she knew who had “money.”
I don’t know how this came up but her story telling focused on someone who had a big home and “lots of nice things.” This person had homes in New York City and Baltimore and a big job that required her to live in both places. Since she had the money it was no big deal for her to travel on the train and own two homes. According to Rose this person didn’t have “airs about her” she was a “regular” person just like her.

I took this photo with a Nikon 750, kit lens, 2.8, 20-120mm. They were sitting under trees so it was shaded with bright afternoon sun behind them. Processed the image in Lightroom and then added detail and tweaked the highlights in Intensity Bridge.