Small Fry, a tiny coffee shop in Hobart, Tasmania, draws the locals for its home-baked donuts and pastries. It’s why I was there and fortunate to encounter this little girl who had come in with her dad and sister to enjoy a donut and hot chocolate.

I watched her and her sister for fifteen minutes before I asked the father for permission to photograph her. Both of them were too cute and I knew if I didn’t get a few pix I’d be kicking myself for it later.
(Fortunately, her dad had worked in Colorado for a few years and when he heard I was from Baltimore he remarked favorably about the Ravens and Orioles. He was a sports fan and happy to let me take her photo.)

She was a bit shy but fortunately she didn’t avoid eye contact or the lens.
I suspect that I wasn’t the first photographer to snap multiple frames of her and those big expressive eyes. I didn’t use a flash so the natural light in the coffee shop provided enough catch light for her eyes and added to her look of innocence. I consider myself lucky to have captured this photo and lucky to have sampled Small Fry’s brioche French toast and apple donuts.