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Photographing a Ballerina in Flight

Ballerina Dancer, Baltimore MD. Photo taken by Bosk Photography Baltimore MD Maya, a ballerina who is still in high school, has performed with ballet troupes in the Washington, D.C. area including dancing at the Kennedy Center. This photograph was taken in a studio in Rockville, MD. She is flying thru the air but in a very tight space. I converted this photograph into

Photographing a Ballerina in Flight2021-07-21T17:02:26-04:00

Family Portraits – What Makes Them Stand Out

Spontaneity in Family Portraits What makes a family portrait stand out? Is it one where everyone looks handsome, smiling in their Sunday best outfit? Or is it one that shows spontaneity and energy? The portrait that catches a child looking devilish instead of smiling like a cherub. Preserving Your Family Memories Through Photographs The easy answer is it’s both. 33 Absolutely Charming Family Portrait

Family Portraits – What Makes Them Stand Out2021-07-21T16:10:24-04:00

Preserving Your Family Memories Through Photographs

Photographs preserve family memories. When the Geary's moved from their home in Towson they wanted to preserve their memories of it with photographs. The pictures in their new home would provide a visible link to the home they had left behind. Moving from your home can be challenging. Sure, there are the practical packing logistics. You can box up books and put clothes into luggage.

Preserving Your Family Memories Through Photographs2021-07-21T16:12:56-04:00

My Moment of Moo — Pet Photography

My Moments with Moo -- Pet Photography Moo leads a dog’s life, a good thing since he is a dog. As a photographer’s pet, he lives with my additional demands of him that go beyond fetch and roll over. Therefore, he serves as my model for pet portraits. He also helps me documents our walks, hikes, and adventures. In fact, my go to hashtag for

My Moment of Moo — Pet Photography2021-07-21T16:15:39-04:00

Photography During Covid-19

Commercial window fronts in Baltimore have been boarded up and decorated with purple hearts during Covid-19 As Maryland has moved into Phase II of pandemic guidelines, I am following the guidelines for professional photography outlined by the CDC and Professional Photographers of America guidelines during Covid-19. Protective clothing: I will wear a mask and will use gloves while I am photographing an event.

Photography During Covid-192021-07-21T16:16:59-04:00

Gimme Your Best Head Shots

When it comes to head shots there are two types of people. Those who are comfortable having their photo taken and those who would rather have a root canal than smile at a camera. As a photographer, it’s my role to help you relax. Maybe you are apprehensive about having your photo taken. My job as your photographer is assessing the best angles and lighting

Gimme Your Best Head Shots2021-07-21T16:38:40-04:00

4th of July Parade – Made in America for Photographers

4th of July Parade - Made in America, For Photographers What could be more mom, apple pie and red, white and blue than a good 4th of July parade? The Baltimore metropolitan area has several, Towson, Catonsville, Dundalk, as well as smaller neighborhood events. Each one offers photographers wonderful opportunities to capture images of marching bands, politicians, parade floats, children and pets. I love it.

4th of July Parade – Made in America for Photographers2018-07-12T15:44:36-04:00

Freelancing as a Photojournalist – The Original Plan

Freelancing as a Photojournalist the Original Plan When I went off to college, my plan was to major in photojournalism. My love for photography started at the age of ten when I learned how to develop film in a darkroom. Like many photographers, I experienced that rush of excitement seeing images come to light in a chemical bath under the red hue of a darkroom

Freelancing as a Photojournalist – The Original Plan2018-07-12T16:14:17-04:00

Documenting the Work of High Achieving Millennials

MaryBeth Hyland, a millenial, would be the first to tell you that there is no such thing as natural charisma. She has it but it’s an attribute she learned. Her classroom was restaurants where she waitressed and where you get better tips when you engage with customers. It was in classrooms where she tutored Baltimore City School children. It was in the nonprofit arena where

Documenting the Work of High Achieving Millennials2021-07-21T16:53:03-04:00
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