A Good Photographer Tells a Story

Harry Bosk Photography creates photographs with a narrative.

At events, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate function, my goal is to capture the unguarded, candid moments. In my experience, these are the pictures that people prize and want to have framed along with the carefully posed portraits.

Good photography documents more than an event or occasion – it provides a personal and emotional record. During my years as a public relations practitioner, I looked at plenty of photos and knew the best ones packed a punch without using words. In addition to photographing events and portraits for nonprofit, corporate and public sector clients, I freelance for the Baltimore Business Journal, The Baltimore Sun, and JMore Magazine.

Always Searching For The Shot

What I photograph for a living which is events and portraits is different than what I shoot for fun, street photography. Both draw on the same set of skills and experience and what I’m after is the same, an image that evokes an emotional response.