Meet the Gang Hanging Out On Hickory Street

Meet(left to right) Margaret, Roy and Rose, part of the crew you often see in Hampden. They were bumming for spare change, booze and/or cigarettes. Margaret I see often, typically she isn’t coherent and is high on something. Roy, a new addition to the group, I met the other day. He seems like a nice, soft spoken guy. Rose I met for the first time

Reverend Calvin of the Nazarene Church

On Sunday mornings, Reverend Calvin stands outside the Nazarene Church on Harford Road in northeast Baltimore to greet his congregation. During the summer, I’ve spotted the Reverend many times on my way to the farmer’s market. You can’t miss seeing him. He is always decked out in sartorial splendor. He wears bright suits that are typically pastels. I’ve admired his yellow, blue, and rose-colored ones.

The Little Girl with the Big Eyes

Small Fry, a tiny coffee shop in Hobart, Tasmania, draws the locals for its home-baked donuts and pastries. It’s why I was there and fortunate to encounter this little girl who had come in with her dad and sister to enjoy a donut and hot chocolate. I watched her and her sister for fifteen minutes before I asked the father for permission to photograph her.

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